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作者: taiyang8966    時間: 2011-1-14 01:51 AM     標題: whenever a party

whenever a party,guccibags, he always put his daughter that his father sent him money to go with a handbag. Sometimes his daughter's friends would joke: "Its style is very fashion and style,chanelbags, very suitable for me. So I'll take it out. "
When Christmas comes
When Christmas is about to come, Jack took his daughter to go outside to play. But his daughter could not find the money to send her 20th birthday bag. Tears to Jack that I could not find the handbag section.
hard work one day Jack home for his baby daughter to sell over 20-year-old birthday cake. Cake placed in the mall next door,wallet, a stylish handbag. Jack put bought this bag to give to his baby daughter birthday.
day,bags, Jack in the cake inside the mall next door to purchase a bag of that section,handbags, and gave his daughter as a Christmas gift. And his daughter, said:

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