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Originally posted by 20001160 at 2008-7-8 13:00:

but Miquel's attacking ability is not as strong as Chimbomda...
Pascal is more like Bosingwa style....Valencia needs him to support Joaquin on the right side...
Originally posted by goodtime at 2008-7-9 14:21:
Cole eyes 'ideal' end to career
Forrest may still be relgated next season without signing him..
but Teddy Sheringham scored 20+ in championship with West Ham 2 or 3 years ago..and he was 38 already...with Andy Cole's experience, he is still capable to score some goals in championship~~

Sheringham is 41 when signing contract with Colchester...probably you wont expect him to score and play much at this stage...it's more like gimmick thingy~~~
原帖由 goodtime 於 2008-7-12 10:13 AM 發表



http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/44 ...
Portsmouth has already got it by winning FA Cup Last season~~~

they will be playing in UEFA Cup competition~~


升班馬史篤城同意用 £4m 買利物浦門將卡臣
Premier League newcomers Stoke have agreed a £4m fee with Liverpool for goalkeeper Scott Carson. (1038, BST)

but usually good keeper was trained in the bottom table team~~
good for England~~

i just wonder why does not Liverpool put Carson and Finnan into Barry's deal..???
as Villa is keen to keep Carson~~
previous 10M deal was pulled down....that's understandable~~
Carson+Finnan+ some cash like 10-12M...quite reasonable offer~~

btw, Terencey, what do you think about Robbie Keane's deal..
keane+ Torres...looks like their position and type are a bit overlap to each other...as they are kind of the same type...
If Rafa wanna copy Spain's formation, placing Torres slightly behind David Villa, then God bless him~~
Gerrard cannot produce such a high quality pass like Xavi or Fabregas or Inneista do~~and placing Torres slightly behind has defintely wasted his scoring sense....
like he performed much better in the final without Villa..as Torres is not very good at setting and passing....finishing is his strength~~

If Rafa really spends 20m on Keano, I would rather seeing him signing right back then~~and secondly like what you have said before, a left wing

coz that's the position Liverpool really needs to strengthen about~~Crotia's Srna, Russian Zhirhkov are not a bad choice...at least you can pack them up with less than 20m~~


原帖由 goodtime 於 2008-7-16 12:01 AM 發表

"肥皂手"Richard Wright去左邊度?
He's with West Ham now...


he signed WH for free and was loaned to Southampton in March~~


原帖由 filter-052fans 於 2008-7-16 11:17 AM 發表

果陣時譯做侯卡比ma, 一個扭幾個射死曼聯, 仲話曼聯想買佢添...

佢算係好架啦, 果代仲有個卡丹馬達利, 都無人記得lor
i remember his partnership with Noel Whelan was pretty amazing promising, but cant remember too clear, as one of them left Conventry City, the other one just cant score at all~~(if i'm not wrong, after Huckerby was sold to Leeds, Noel Whelan fell~~)

Danny Cadamarteri was another tragedy...his perdormance was seriously affected by injury...and was released by Everton later for free~~

Francis Jeffers, him, Michael Bridges( Ex-Leeds Striker), James Beattie, Michael Ball, Neil Mellor and Matt Jensen (ex-Blackburn) can all be named "England 一閃即逝新星"


原帖由 saad 於 2008-7-21 02:53 PM 發表
新特蘭將會一口氣動用£23m,從熱刺收購卡保奧, 占邦達, 馬白蘭基及泰尼奧。
Sunderland have had a £23m bid for Younes Kaboul, Pascal Chimbonda, Steed Malbranque and Teemu Tainio accepted by Tottenham. (Various)

it's only Sunderland first season in EPL since 05-06 season in 07-08....and they only spent large in last season....
All new players are mostly from man Utd's bench...they are not top class players~~Sunerland is not very your case~~

possibly Newcastle is more likely to be the team in your example...always spending alot...but never get a satisfactory result~~
原帖由 saad 於 2008-7-21 06:30 PM 發表

ching, I agreed with your point of view, however they are still a big spender among those "small" clubs.
If they are not making any sharp improvement in coming seasons they will be in trouble .... ...
that's true...their spending power is way better than lots of bottom table teams (Bolton) and mid table teams like Portsmouth, Blackburn..

such a large amount of spending fee is required because the difference between Championship and EPL is huge...
Black Cat was the only team not regulated back to Champiionship last season~~and Birmingham and Derby were 1st and 2nd runner-up at Championship in 06-07....

If newbie teams intend not to spend big in EPL, it's either their coach is very good at saving teams from regulation, like Big Sam or Harry Redknapp, or they only wanna earn fast and big money....like Derby or Watford....having no intention to survive in EPL ...

Agree with you, if Black cat cant achieve anything big, like a League Cup champion or top 10, in coming two seasons,  Quinn and Keano will defintely be shitting off their pants of their job~~
曼城將羅致車仔後衛賓希姆, £5m , 周薪大約 £60,000 , 簽約 4 年
Manchester City manager Mark Hughes is closing on a £5m swoop for Chelsea's Tal Ben Haim and will offer the defender a four-year deal worth around £60,000 a week. (The Sun)

how on earth he could earn 60K per week...!!???

he's like Bramble lvl~~

no wonder Wes Brown was asking so much before in contracting negeociation~~


曼聯前鋒迪維斯話, 佢需要改善自己晌球場外既形象, 以便好似 C. 朗拿度咁, 成為真正既巨星
Manchester United forward Carlos Tevez says he needs to sharpen up hisimage off the pitch in order to be a true superstar like team-mateRonaldo. (The Sun)

...how does he want to change his image....being a playboy...???or being a such high profile bloke??and always have negative personal image...???
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